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Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance’s (EOTA) trail network extends north from the Bay of Quinte up to Algonquin Park, linking outdoor recreation and adventure to the natural environment and rural communities along the way. The trail network offers access for hiking, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing, ATVing and snowmobiling through maintained trail systems that are opened all year round.

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“ We received a brand new seasonal camper within a week of the Eastern Ontario Recreational Trail Map coming out. Our ad paid for itself right away! Steady, good business so far this season.”
~ Karen Challinor, Red Eagle Family Campground

“Very positive feedback ever since the went live with regards to both the trails and business for Tweedsmuir/Latinas Restaurant. We are seeing a greater number of 4 wheelers stopping in here because of our website advertising.“
~ Lawrence Ramsay, Tweedsmuir

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1. Map
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