These boots are made for walking…

If Hiking and walking are your pleasures, we have trails you’ll want to explore. You’ll discover endless pleasure as you move along the natural environment that are the Trails. Scenic terrain abounds while you stroll or hike along the meandering trails. Enjoy the trails at a slower pace to really take in nature at its best. Be pleasantly surprised by the interesting birds, flowers, plants and trees. Take it all in, stop to admire the streams and lakes. Hiking and walking has become such a popular activity for so many. Health benefits include, but are not limited to, losing excess weight, decreasing hypertension, and improving mental health. Open all year round, a perfect activity for all.

Don’t forget to take a picnic or watch for the signs along the trails leading you to discover surrounding town’s many places to eat, stay, browse and visit.

Interesting Wikipedia tidbit for you:

Fitness walkers and others may use a pedometer to count their steps. The types of walking include bushwalkingracewalking, weight-walking, hillwalkingvolksmarchingNordic walking and hiking on long-distance paths. Sometimes people prefer to walk indoors using a treadmill. In some countries walking as a hobby is known as hiking (the typical North American term), rambling (a somewhat dated British expression, but remaining in use because it is enshrined in the title of the important Ramblers), or tramping. Hiking is a subtype of walking, generally used to mean walking in nature areas on specially designated routes or trails, as opposed to in urban environments; however, hiking can also refer to any long-distance walk. More obscure terms for walking include “to go by Marrow-bone stage”, “to take one’s daily constitutional”, “to ride Shanks’ pony”, “to ride Shanks’ mare”, or “to go by Walker’s bus”. Among search and rescue responders, those responders who walk (rather than ride, drive, fly, climb, or sit in a communications trailer) often are known as “ground pounders”