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Create Your Own Trails Tour

  1. Pick a route
  2. Stay, eat & play
  3. Check out the towns
  4. Enjoy the sights along the way

Walk, Hike, Run, Ride, Cycle ...


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The Eastern Ontario Recreational Trails Map is a valuable resource for trail users.
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Travel through the picturesque areas in Eastern Ontario.

  • beautiful scenic trails
  • charming villages
  • friendly communities
  • unique SHOPS & EATERIES
  • Outstanding accommodation options

Choose your own adventure.

Activity options include: Walking, hiking, cycling, ATV riding, running, bird-watching, photographing stunning nature and even horseback riding!
Check out the Trails Package Deals or find your own places to visit, eat, shop and stay using the links below.

*Tours are subject to change due to unforeseen issues. Certain restrictions may apply.

Guided ATV Tours

ATV Guided Tours

Join our guides on a jam-packed ATV adventure along the Trails